UK Overland Transport

East Gate Ltd. offers  weekly Groupage Overland departures from the United Kingdom.

Departing every Friday from our Ital Logistics Heywood Lancashire depot arriving the following week at our Gibraltar depot.

We also offer Full Loads (40 Ft Trailers ) from whichever location of the United Kingdom and the Rest of Europe.

Max Permissible weight per load to Gibraltar is 22500 Kgs Gross weight.

Quote rates will depend on Collection points.

The costs of shipping are calculated according to the “ Chargeable Weight”, the chargeable weight is defined by the greater of the “Gross Weight” and the “Volumetric Weight” (1 cubic metre = 333.3 Kgs).

Volume is calculated by the (L) Length x (W) Width x (H) Height.

Local Removals/Office Relocations

East Gate Ltd. offers a wide range of professional Removal Services for both domestic and commercial clients.

We offer house removals/relocation’s locally and within the Campo de Gibraltar Vicinity including the United Kingdom.

For “Boxed Only” Removals we can offer the whole of Europe and the rest of the world with a Trackable System online.

Sea Freight Containers can also be arranged World Wide.

We offer our own packing Materials:  PRICE LIST

Customs Clearance

Gibraltar is outside the European Customs Union, this is why it is imperative the correct Customs Documentation is used in order to avoid Problems or Major Delays at the Spanish Customs Border.

We have over 25 years experience and expertise on Import / Exports Customs formalities to and from Gibraltar. We operate on both sides of the frontier to enable our Clients and Customers a trouble free and smooth transition.

East Gate Ltd. is directly linked with the Gibraltar Customs using the Gibraltar Customs Internal Electronic System “Asycuda” for all import procedures and formalities with our own offices within the Customs.


Storage & Warehousing

At East Gate Ltd. we serve the distribution, storage and warehousing needs for local businesses and home owners. We offer  warehousing facilities both at our New Harbours main Depot and within the Gibraltar International Airport Cargo Facility. Offering our customers convenience, flexibility, and cost-effective service. If your company needs safe, affordable, state-of-the-art storage facilities as well as one of the best pick-up and distribution services — we are here to meet your needs. Our Warehouse is an approved Bonded Warehouse and Enhanced Transit Shed facility under Local Customs Formalities.

An ‘Enhanced Remote Transit Shed’ is an approved place situated outside the appointed area of an approved port/airport where non-Community goods may be held until they are declared to customs for an approved treatment or use. This allows for operators of ‘Groupage’ consignments  to remove the consignment from the Port/Airport/Mail  or Overland Entrance, under arrangements with Customs, to the approved warehouse so that Unloading and Storage  can commence prior to the goods being entered to or cleared by Customs.

This allows for quicker movement of Cargo through the Overland/Port/Airport or Postal  movements and results in the goods being made available to the importer more readily than would otherwise be the case if all consignments had to be cleared at the point of entrance  before they could be moved.

The temporary storage premises must be maintained, secure and in good repair to the satisfaction of HMC (Her Majesty`s Customs). The premises is equipped with suitable facilities for storing, unloading, examining and clearing the goods and for examining the vehicles with a State of the Art 24Hr CCTV Surveillance and Smoke Detectors as is Compulsory for Insurance Purposes.

Courier & Air Freight Services

East Gate Freight s an international Road, Air and Ocean Freight Forwarder and provider of logistics and distribution services in Gibraltar. 

Our cargo services are cost-effective and ideal for Small,  large, heavy or awkward shipments. Our range of international freight forwarding options means we can always handle whatever you need to send — no matter the size, weight or shape. We offer extensive import and export expertise all over the Europe and the Rest of the World. Our groupage service is a convenient and reliable way to further keep your delivery costs down.

Have complete control of road deliveries in Europe with your own dedicated vehicle. We’ll provide whatever vehicle best suits your shipment, so you can always adapt to any business demands.

  • Dedicated vehicles
  • Secure door-to-door service – all day, every day
  • Options include vans, trailers and temperature-controlled or high-security vehicles
  • Tailor-made solutions and optimised routes
  • Full customs clearance plus delivery confirmation

When your most critical deliveries require a personal touch, we offer a dedicated international courier service for parcels and documents.

  • Secure door-to-door service
  • Door-to-door or door-to-airport, including customs clearance

For urgent air transportation of documents and parcels, we offer a door-to-door courier service combined with the next available commercial flight.

  • Available for both domestic and international shipments
  • Next day delivery to most world destinations
  • Tailored solution for each individual delivery
  • Secure door-to-door or door-to-airport courier service
  • Documentation and rapid customs clearance included

Cargo Insurance

“Cargo Insurance” is an insurance policy taken up to protect against loss of or damage to your goods while they are being transported. The policy is meant to indemnify you if there is any loss or damage to your cargo. Cargo insurance would cover the goods while they are being transported over sea, air and land (includes parcel post and carryings by courier service). Whenever you are moving goods from one place to another it is advisable to have cargo insurance to cover you against any Damage, Loss or Theft.

PLEASE NOTE : We can only cover goods Properly packed for Export.

There are Certain Commodities we cannot not Insure as the Freight Broker, Eg. Personal Effects  or Used items, this can only be done Directly with our Insurers. Any damages incurred without insurance Coverage would fall under the CMR Terms:

Liabilities of the road carrier
The carrier is liable for loss, damage or delay to the goods between the time they are taken into its charge until the time they are delivered. The acts of the carrier”s servants agents and sub-contractors also fall within its responsibility subject to a few excepted perils which can provide defence to a claim including wrongful act of neglect of the claimant, Instructions of the claimant given otherwise than as the result of the carrier”s own wrongful act or neglect, Inherent vice of the goods and circumstances which could not be avoided and the consequences of which the carrier was unable to prevent.

This is calculated in relation to the value of the goods at the time and place at which they were accepted for carriage, and the value is based either on the commodity or market price, or, where there is no such price, the normal value of similar goods. Most Western European states have ratified a protocol to the CMR introducing compensation limits based on 8.33 SDRs per kilo of gross weight of the goods lost or damaged.

The currency value of the SDR is determined by summing the values in U.S. dollars, based on market exchange rates, of a basket of major currencies (the U.S. dollar, Euro, Japanese yen, pound sterling and the Chinese renminbi). The SDR currency value is calculated daily (except on IMF holidays or whenever the IMF is closed for business) and the valuation basket is reviewed and adjusted every five years.

Specialised Services

Project cargo specialists with the reach you need
When you have project cargo or an oversize load to move Internationally or Locally, you need a partner with the skills and capabilities to coordinate, communicate, and navigate not only the physical stages of your shipment, but also the complex interactions required to get your cargo or Equipment  where it needs to go, on time in one piece and within budget.

Experience our expertise in project cargo services
East Gate`s  project cargo team has been specializing in project cargo for many years, working with clients across a broad spectrum of Clients  and project types. We provide local, regional, and global services for clients with  specialized shipping, transportation or relocation needs:

Why choose east gate  for project cargo requirements?
There’s nothing regular about shipping heavy lift cargo, over dimensional freight, or other specialized loads by land, sea, or air especially in Gibraltar .That’s why it can pay to engage specialists who deal with project cargo on a daily basis. As a complete freight forwarding, shipping, and transportation service provider,East Gate  has the experience, global partner network, and technology to simplify project cargo transportation.

By placing your shipments in our hands, you know the complexities are taken care of, leaving your team free to focus on your primary goals. Our experts understand the oversize load and heavy lift cargo needs.

Not only will we get your shipments moved for you, but thanks to our extensive network of partners and leading logistics technology, we’ll also do it in a cost and time-optimized manner, helping you to keep your projects on track in every sense.

Keeping you informed from first mile to last
When moving non-standard loads, communication lapses can cost vast amounts of time and money, and surprises are the last thing you or your stakeholders need. That’s why the East Gate  team keeps communication at the very top of our project cargo agenda.

You’ll never need to wonder how the journey is progressing or where your project cargo is located as it moves from leg to leg of its journey. We take a proactive approach to communication, so you’re constantly in touch with your shipment, and if the unexpected should happen (which is always a possibility with project cargo), we inform you early while evaluating solutions.

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